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Hello and a huge warm welcome to you. WOW – The response, across the UK when ‘For the love of Scrubs’ was launched, has been incredible. We here at BERKSHIRE – FOR THE LOVE OF SCRUBS are totally blown away – the huge army of sewists, people supporting them and us and the constant stream of requests for the Scrubs and other items.

We are fulfilling requests as quickly as we possibly can and those that really need our support have been so incredibly grateful with the items to date. This is for ALL front line workers who have a genuine need for our items.

As lockdown starts to be lifted, so the supply of scrubs to hospitals seems to be getting back to normality. Having spoken to various hospitals, we’re aware that scrubs have now been provided to them by suppliers.

We have continued to supply to various community hospitals, medical centres etc and although we still have some requests, and some new ones from various places, we are not seeing the massive number of requests that were coming our way. As a result of this, our fundraising will now cease and any funds remaining will be sent to an official NHS support charity as per our fundraising objectives.

If you are in the middle of making scrubs, please continue to do so and use our drop off points for completed items. We’ll update you when we plan to close these.

Please feel free to join the main group – For the love of scrubs. They still have requests all over the country and would love for you to help.